Welcome to my own Dark Souls 3 Wiki! This is my first attempt to create such project and so far, it's quite fun. My wiki going to be a more straight-forward one because of the time limit i've got in order to complete this project. However, you are still going to get all the info you'll need about your favorite locations, bosses and weapons! Keep in mind that this site is still work in progress, so some of the pages might still be in work-in-progress (WIP) stage and might have a placeholder page instead. I wasn't able to finish all sites yet, so keep updated!

 You might be asking yourself a question; What should I expect from this wiki? My answer is; a simple, short encyclopedia with a few simple texts; nothing too detailed; don't expect in-depth comparisons of weapons, and such.

 I use other wikipedias as my recources. It is over my capabilities to check every stat of every weapon for this project; it would take too much time. My main focus is on page design at the moment, even if it doesn't always look like it is.

 This wikipedia is focused at locations, bosses and weapons of Dark Souls 3. Items have not been incorporated into this version of the page. I wish you a wonderful stay at my site and hope nobody reads this :).



Have trouble finding your way through a difficult area? Check out page for maps, tips and more!


Learn which weapons scale the best, deal the most damage and check tips on how to get them here.


Tips on fighting bosses, information about their statistics, and more!